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It's the last month of 2020 ( blessing or a curse?)

Happy First of the month!

An update and announcement

I’d like to welcome you to a new month of amazing possibilities. Every day is a new opportunity to change the narrative but the refreshing start of a new month is always encouraging. The year of 2020 has been more intense, however, if you are reading this, it means you survived and you have the chance to fulfil your souls true purpose everyday. To get in tune with your soul's true essence, you have to commit to the journey of personal development. It is even better when we go on the journey together as a community, together achieving wellness, collective consciousness and social mobility.

Last month we completed the first cohort of Manifesting Legacy’s Personal Development Series ‘ The path to self-discovery and healing’. This entailed a four workshop sessions across three Sunday afternoons

  1. An introduction to thyself - Understanding the foundational layers of self-mastery, emotional regulation and the four domains of self-awareness.

  2. An introduction into Mindfulness and meditation in self-care practice - a brief summary on mindfulness and an interactive guided meditation led by myself, Natasha.

  3. Unveiling the image - We looked at our relationship with hardships, trauma and failure through the lens of Kintsugi. We dived into autobiographic information charting, the activities ‘ letter to thyself’ and ‘poetry in cracks’ resulted in some

  4. From vision to fruition - We used Ikigai as the theme whilst making vision board and discussing how to align ikigai and our vision with smart goals, health and accountability.

Each session had a key theme and participants were able to engage in some interactive activities and discussions, according to feedback the highlight of the series was the last session was blessed with some really special guests, Shomie williams a psychological wellbeing therapist and Nicholas Niwagaba, the Director of Uganda Network of Young people living with HIV/AIDs (UNYPA).

Our Founder Natasha Mutebi will also be special guest speaker on Dashtime with DJ Tannah and Joshua from Record heads to talk Manifesting Legacy, her personal journey and intersectionality of BAME individuals living in the UK. The show will be on Thursday 3-5pm on Tribe Urban Radio.

Have an amazing week, speak soon

Natasha Mutebi, MSc

Founder of Manifesting Legacy

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