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Happy 2022, not just another happy new year post!

Happy New Year!

A review and reflective piece:

2021 is officially over and we have entered a new cycle, Happy 2022!. January is not just a time to say ‘new year, new me’, it is a reminder that we always have the opportunity to embrace change and be our authentic selves. We do not only set new goals because it’s a new year, we set healthy goals and boundaries to implement self-discipline which is the foundation and fundamental element in mastering oneself. There is so much power and beauty in learning to accept the present moment and embrace how far you’ve come whilst maintaining a genuine excitement for what’s to come.

For 2022, avoid getting caught up in ‘destination happiness’, the idea you’ll be happier somewhere else or when you achieve something else. There is so much power in being, being conscious of the now, being present and content with where you are now.

Here are some questions to think about as you head into 2022 and continue the beautiful journey of holistic healing and personal development.

  • Have I given myself time to process healing and if not, how can I implement practices to continue healing into 2022?

  • How am I developing a healthy practice of self-awareness?

  • How are the relationships around me, who is nurturing and who is draining me? How can I nourish healthy relationships in my life?

  • What are the boundaries I have and can put into place to protect my peace?

  • How can I develop my emotional intelligence and better manage my reactions to my feelings?

  • What self-limiting beliefs need to be let go of?

  • What are my barriers and obstacles that have inhibited my personal growth and how can I remove this in 2022?

  • What did 2021 show or teach me about my thoughts, habits and behaviours?

2021 review

In 2021, we overcame many obstacles and despite ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we finally began working on larger events and workshops virtual and live/in-person. Our key highlights of 2021 included three impactful events :

  • An amazing virtual event ‘Manifesting the woman you are destined to be’ on International Women’s Day. Our amazing guest speakers included an award-winning poet and author Sophia Thakur, award-winning digital content creator Leoni Joyce and former Miss Uganda and current medical student Jan Mukiibi. We enjoyed a healing meditation, discussion on womanly manifestations and carried out exercises on self-awareness.

  • A meditation and healing session in Negril, Jamaica with a private group of women looking at love and mending our relationships with family and friends.

  • And lastly our most recent event ‘Manifesting your career goals’ held at We Work in Tower Hill London. This was our first event within the career and leadership development stream, it was also our largest event thus far, with 7 panellists and workshop facilitators.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has followed, supported and attended Manifesting Legacy events this year. We look forward to supporting and growing with you all into 2022, a year where we will continue to flourish, heal and progress.

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