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Event Report - Manifesting Your Career Goals December 2021

On the 5th of December 2021, we had our first event within the career and leadership development stream. Manifesting career goals was a mini conference held at the fantastic We Work St Katharine's way in Tower Hill. To accommodate those who cannot travel into London the event was streamed live and presented in person. We had over 40 sign-ups with people watching from over 3 countries! Thank you all!

Written below is not just a summary of the event but we have also provided some FREE key takeaways and pieces of advice to help you develop your career goals.

The event’s programme consisted of many activities to highlight the power of engagement, shared learning and networking. We had;

  • An open panel discussion with planned questions and questions from the audience. We discussed

  • An in-depth case study interview with Lynette Nabbosa, a social entrepreneur and academic lecturer and Salim Seremba, working as a Tech consultant and an event entrepreneur. They shared their key tips on how to prioritise and balance more than one project, how to work in a team and how your confidence and mindset can determine your work ethic and consistency.

  • Three carefully curated workshop sessions facilitated by the best suited panellists on ‘How to get the career you desire’, ‘How to beat the job interview’ and ‘How to ace the application and get the interview’. We had exercises, worksheets and conversations to help attendees in these three areas.

  • A visual mindfulness meditation led by Natasha Mutebi (founder of Manifesting Legacy), this visualisation focused on the theme of self-love and worthiness. If we can see ourselves as our best selves, it helps drive and motivate us to continue working towards those goals.

Key takeaways from the panel discussion and workshops

For those looking to advance or develop their career goal ensure you do the following below:

  • When setting your career goals, keep in mind your skills, strengths, environment and passion ( Ikigai worksheets are useful here).

  • Utilise your networking skills, go to events and use your LinkedIn. Post all of your achievements and brainstorm the skills you gain on the job.

  • When applying for jobs or attending interviews, memorise your work experience using the STAR model (Situation, Task, Action and Result). If you have set answers it will help you answer with confidence and provide the opportunity to adjust the situation where needed.

  • Practice your interviews! Have mock interviews with your mentors and work colleagues.

  • Ask colleagues, mentors or friends to read over your applications, when meeting a deadline it is easy to forget the details and a friend or mentor may remember some achievements you have made.

  • As much as you invest in your work tasks, also invest in your interpersonal skills and working relationships. Our managers and colleagues enjoy working with motivated and great people skills, this is also important when learning how to influence those in more senior roles to you.

    • When working with a colleague in a more senior role than you, you may need to convince or persuade them to take a different approach to a work problem, this may require a lot of persuasive skills and confidence. Having a mentor, coach or therapist may help in how you approach these situations.

  • Be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table! Confidence and body language speaks louder than words. You may benefit from implementing self practices, like affirmations, mindfulness practice, meditations before a meeting.

  • When accepting a job or looking to advance your career, do not be afraid to ask for a salary review or salary increase. Before doing so, print out your job description and carry out a star method answer to all the job description competencies, to demonstrate how you are ensuring these are met adequately.

Take a look at Manifesting Legacy's instagram to see some photos and attendee feedback!

Thanks and appreciations

Thank you so much to the team and guest speakers and workshop facilitators, your commitment has been incredibly helpful and helped manifest the prayer, aims and visions for the event! All panellists attended in-person and assisted in providing a virtual and in-person event (hybrid).

Host & organiser

  • Natasha Mutebi


  • Ilhaam Hassan

  • Chris Mukasa

  • Chantel Leigh

Speakers and panellists & sector

  • Vincent Chiwatama (Chartered financial analyst)

  • Lynette Nabbosa (Social entrepreneurship)

  • Salim Seremba (Tech, sales and events entrepreneur)

  • Lucy Mutawe (Legal PR)

  • Yolanda Kisenyi (International Policy Advisor)

  • Sharifa (Vendor manager for global financial bank)

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