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Aiming to Equip, Empower, Educate and Excel

The population of young people is at the highest it has ever been in history ( WHO 2018), if there was ever a time to invest in the wellbeing and health of young people it would be now. 

Manifesting Legacy is committed to equipping young BAME individuals especially young women with the practical tools to encourage personal development and holistic healing.

The initiative began when founder Natasha Mutebi was on a self-development journey. Despite her having a stutter and rocky childhood, she pursued her passions and knew she wanted to share the

knowledge and expertise she gained through her own journey. She ended up winning Miss Uganda UK, completing a Masters degree in Global Public Health and Policy and also qualified as a mindfulness practitioner.

We believe we can assist young people and  communities around the world by stimulating curative sharing

spaces to empower participants as they develop self-awareness with a critically conscious

lens. We work with a number of charities in Uganda, providing free workshops with young women from disenfranchised areas. Our last workshop was in August 2020.

Holistic health looks at the complete spectrum of wellbeing and development. This is what we offer here at Manifesting Legacy with a focus on BAME young people especially young women. 

We aim to overcome these challenges young people face;

1. Poor knowledge of self-development and self-awareness

2. Lack of opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills

3. Poor Perceptions of mental health

4. Lack of safe space, facilities and resources for young adults of disadvantaged BAME


We aim to use our core values Equip, Empower Educate and Excel when working with communities. A grassroots approach will be used to engage with young people to collectively learn, apply holistic healing and use practical tools for constant self-development, effective communication skills and career development globally.

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